Do you know what to do when your friend calls you from jail? If you care enough to answer the phone, you’ll want to know how to help your friend. Here are two things that you can do to aid your friend in their time of need.


Phone Call Caution

It’s natural to want the details when you’re friend calls to tell you of the arrest. However, it’s vital that you know that jail officials record all phone calls. Anything that your friend says on the phone is fair game for the prosecution.

So, try to keep questions about the alleged crime to a bare minimum. It’s a good idea to ask (1) the name and location of the jail, (2) alleged crime, and (3) the total amount of the bail bond. This information is necessary if your friend can’t afford to post bond and will need the services of a bail bonds company.Gibson Bail Bonds When Your Friend Calls You From Jail

Before you do another thing, it’s crucial that you do some soul searching regarding whether you should help your friend get out of jail. Ask yourself if you’re in a position to give financial assistance and whether you trust your friend to show up in court. If you still want to help your friend, the next step is to figure out how to meet the bail amount.


Contact A Bail Bondsman

We recommend that you find a local bail bonds company as soon as you know the bail amount. There is substantial paperwork involved in posting bail, so the faster you dive into the bail bond process, the faster your buddy will see freedom.

Two things that you’ll discuss with a bail guarantor include


  • Bail bond premium – A bail bondsman charges a fee for their service. You’ll pay somewhere between five and ten percent of the total dollar amount of the bail. You won’t get the premium money back at the end of the case.


  • Collateral – The bail surety agent, also called the bail bondsman, promises the court that they will cover the entire amount of the bail amount if the defendant violates the bond agreement. As a result, you’ll have to put forward collateral that the bail bonds company will take over if your friend skips town. Examples of this type of insurance include (1) cash, (2) credit card, (3) real estate, (4) automobile pink slip, and (5) jewelry.


Lastly, what to do when your friend calls you from jail depends in no small extent on the strength of the friendship. Helping your friend to post bond is a huge responsibility, and you should only do it if you trust your friend to face the criminal charges. 

Contact us at Gibson Bail Bonds when your best friend reaches out for help getting out of jail. We handle the bond posting details so you can concentrate on supporting your friend.