You woke up to the police at your front door with a search warrant. The cops searched your home and left with some of your belongings. Do you know what to do after the police raid your home to protect yourself from a long prison term? 


First, is it Legal?

For the most part, the U.S. Constitution and Pennsylvania law prohibit the police from searching your home without the permission of a judge. The piece of paper that the judge signs to allow the search is called a warrant. The warrant will include your address as well as give the parameters of the authorized search. You should always ask to see the court authorization before allowing the police to enter your home.

Gibson Bail Bonds What to do After Police Raid Your Home

Stay calm and start making phone calls

There are also situations when the police can search your house without a warrant. Examples of a warrantless search that will stand up in court include (1) illegal drugs on your kitchen table are visible from outside the home, (2) a suspect enters your home while the police are in pursuit, and (3) there is probable cause that there’s an imminent danger to the community in the house.

Assuming that the search of your home was legal, what should you do to protect yourself? Read on for three steps that you can take to protect your rights after a police search.


Essential Post-Search Steps

You have the power to protect your rights during and after a police search. For example, legal experts recommend that you stay silent while the police are in your home. This is excellent advice because it’s unlikely that you have anything to say that would help your case at that moment. Stay silent and let your attorney do their job.

Once the cops leave your property, it’s time to get to work protecting your rights. Here are some of the crucial immediate steps that you can take that will aid your defense down the line.


Lastly, there are few things in life as scary as standing by while the police raid your home. However, knowing what to do after the police raid your home to protect yourself is key to starting your defense off on the right foot. 

If the raid results in your arrest, do yourself a favor and contact us at Gibson Bail Bonds. We’ll do everything possible to post your bond so that you can return to your family.