Do you ever worry about staying safe when walking at night? Be honest; who hasn’t nervously looked over their shoulder when walking home after dark? Read on for practical ways to stay street smart when the sun goes down.

When we talk about staying safe when walking at night, it’s essential to look at two primary areas of safety. The first thing that you need to consider is how you can avoid potentially dangerous events like getting hit by a car. The second safety consideration is what you can do to avoid becoming the victim of a crime.


Diminish the Danger of Darkness

Let’s face it; walking down a dark street can be pretty dangerous. We’ve all heard of someone being hit by a car because the driver didn’t see them trying to cross the street. Do these three simple things to protect yourself from an automobile catastrophe:


  • Reflective clothes – Your all-black outfit might be an artsy statement at work but can spell doom on a darkened street corner. Make sure that motorists can see you by wearing clothes with reflective stripes on multiple parts of your body. Consider placing reflective stickers on your backpack and purse. In short, make yourself visible to passing motorists and cyclists.Gibson Bail Bonds How to Stay Safe When Walking at Night


  • Follow road rules – Nighttime is not the time to jaywalk. Stay safe by following the laws of the road. Use crosswalks and obey all traffic lights. Always walk facing traffic if you must walk on the street.


  • Flashlight – Invest in a flashlight so that you can spot potential hazards along your path. You’d be surprised how many people end up in the hospital following nasty sidewalk tumbles.


Now that we’ve covered avoiding accidents when you’re out after sundown, it’s time to talk about how you can avoid becoming a crime victim.


Street Smarts and Staying Safe When Walking at Night

Protect yourself from becoming a crime statistic when you’re walking in your neighborhood at night by using street smarts. In other words, understand that there might be evil-doers on your street so that you can take steps to avoid meeting up with them. Experts suggest that you practice the following safety steps.


  • Know your route ahead of time. Giving the impression that you know where you’re going is sometimes enough to deter a low-life from approaching.


  • Do not walk through alleys and try to stay off of dark and lonely streets.


  • Keep a nonlethal safety device, such as pepper spray, in your purse and don’t hesitate to pull it out if the hairs on the back of your neck start to tingle.


  • Carry a whistle and blow it long and loud if you feel menaced.


  • Stay aware of your surroundings by avoiding walking with your earbuds or while talking on the phone.


  • If all else fails, screaming for help will often scare away a would-be robber since no criminal wants the attention of bystanders and a potential call to the cops.


Lastly, you don’t need to stay locked inside your home after dark. Follow our tips for staying safe when walking at night. Keeping your safety in mind is a smart way to make sure that you’ll arrive at your destination unharmed.

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