For many, having a lawyer consultation feels like an intimidating process, especially without prior experience. However, knowing how to prepare for it keeps things moving smoothly.

Gibson Bail Bonds has seen firsthand what happens when you don’t heed legal advice. Continue reading these helpful tips and contact us for 24-hour Pennsylvania bail bonds.


Find the Right Lawyer for Your CaseGibson Bail Bonds pennsylvania lawyer consultation

The law has many different fields and practices, much like the medical field. You wouldn’t visit a dentist for a broken arm, but many still continue to choose the wrong lawyer. When you have never needed legal advice before, you don’t always know where to begin. We recommend starting with the local bar association and ask for their suggestions.

While radio commercials frequently play ads for legal services, these are often referral networks. The phone operators you speak with might not even work for those attorneys. If a professional does not advertise their practice in the field that you need help with, then they won’t have the expertise that you need. It’s best not to take the risk and hire someone who won’t be familiar with your case.


Ask About Their Professional Background

How comfortable would you be with an inexperienced electrician wiring your whole home? You probably would feel pretty uneasy about how safely you can live there after they’re finished. Similarly, some attorneys may not have had the chance to work on a case following their  graduation. When you face a severe enough charge, you need someone who is experienced.

Finally, it’s essential that your lawyer has worked similar cases and knows what to expect. You can’t allow performance anxiety to impact your ruling and also needs to understand how to steer arguments. Those new to the field also need time to navigate court dates efficiently. Otherwise, they could flounder in the courtroom which could impact the results of your case.


What is the Plan?

Any lawyer worth their commission will have a strategic plan before entering court. While you can’t guarantee how a case will go, you can attempt to steer the conversation. Those hotshot attorneys who plan on “winging it” are only gambling with your life. Even if they feel it will be a shut-and-dry case, they still need to have plans.

That includes mock interviews to prepare you for common questions asked during trial. Knowing how you might respond ahead of time can prevent being caught off guard. Preparing ahead of time prevents unnecessary gaffs while taking the stand or answering to a judge. Make sure you pick an attorney who knows how to strategize your case.


Who is Going to Work Your Case?

Larger law firms utilize small teams of attorneys to assist with cases. Unfortunately, with this situation, you aren’t always made aware of who it is that will be working with you. Ask the lead attorney you meet with as to who will be working the case. The last thing you need is to encounter surprises while in court.

Part of navigating your trial is working together as a partnership. There also needs to be synergy between you and your lawyer to avoid mistakes.

Before you can meet with a lawyer, you may have to make bail. Contact Gibson Bail Bonds for 24-hour service agents.