The summer of 2020 has seen numerous peaceful protests turn into ugly riots in cities across the nation. The rioters have also caused significant harm to homeowners. Keep reading to find out how to charge someone with trespassing when they violate your property during a riot.


Yes, Trespassing is Against the Law

As a homeowner in the Harrisburg, PA metropolitan area, you don’t have to let someone come onto your property uninvited. There are trespassing laws that can land a trespasser in legal trouble that ranges from a fine to prison time. 

The legal term for when a person knowingly comes onto your property without your approval is a defiant trespass. Make no mistake; defiant trespass is a serious offense, and the law protects you against people who choose to enter onto your property without your permission.

As is the case with many laws, you have to let people know that your yard is off-limits. Let’s look at what it means to demonstrate to the public that you won’t allow trespassing on your property.


How to Charge Someone With Trespassing

If you’ve wandered through rural areas, you’ve likely seen many properties marked with no trespassing signs. The reason for the notice is that you can’t charge a person with defiant trespassing if they don’t know that the property is off-limits to trespass. There are several everyday things that you can do to show the world that you don’t want uninvited visitors.Gibson Bonds how to charge with trespassing

Examples of ways that you can show that you don’t want trespassers includes:


  • Fencing the Property
  • Posting No Trespassing Signs
  • Ordering the Trespasser off the Property
  • Placing Purple Paint on a Tree


Purple Paint

The Pennsylvania Legislature recently made it legal to use purple paint to signify no trespassing. There are strict rules regarding the details of the purple paint posting. One of the benefits of purple color is that it should be easy for people to notice that the property is off-limits immediately.

When it comes to how to charge someone with trespassing, it’s a reasonably easy step if you’ve done one of the above steps. Keep in mind that it’s your responsibility as the landowner to notify people that they aren’t welcome. Once declared, an individual must stay off your land or face a criminal defiant trespassing charge.


Facing a Defiant Trespass Charge

Let’s flip things and say that you were caught up in a riot and got caught trespassing. What’s more, the property owner used one of the above ways to let you know that it wasn’t open to intrusion. You’re likely looking at a trespassing charge.

As with any police encounter, you must stay calm. The police officer will tell you your rights. Listen very carefully to your rights, and don’t say anything until you speak with an attorney. Law enforcement may also ask you questions about why you were on the property and your participation in the riot. Experts suggest that you respectfully refuse to give any information until you have the go-ahead from your attorney. 

You will most likely have the chance to post bail if you end up behind bars. Gibson Bail Bonds works around the clock to help people charged with defiant trespass post bail. Contact us as soon as possible to ensure a speedy trip home.

Once your criminal case begins, it’s your job to cooperate with your defense attorney. Our best advice is to work hard on your defense and stick to the rules of your release. Do not violate your bond requirements and end up back in jail.


Last Thoughts

Knowing how to charge someone with trespassing gives you an added sense of security as a property owner. Don’t hesitate to contact law enforcement if unauthorized individuals walk onto your land. Likewise, if you choose to riot, make sure that you don’t enter onto posted private property.

Gibson Bail Bonds believes that you should fight your court case from home. Contact us today to begin bonding out of jail in the Harrisburg, PA area.