How long does marijuana stay in your system? Now that it’s legal to smoke weed in many parts of the country, it’s essential to know how long you could test positive after getting high. Find out the answer before lighting up your next blunt.


Marijuana Downsides

Sure, marijuana makes you feel mellow, and there’s no denying that you feel friendly and relaxed after smoking weed. However, like many pleasurable things in life, it does come with a set of significant downsides. Potential drawbacks include (1) anxiety, (2) decreased coordination, (3) impaired problem-solving skill, and (4) wild mood swings.

Along with the physical and mental downsides of marijuana is the fact that it is still a federal crime to possess and use weed. Federal penalties include possible jail time and hefty fines. So, regardless of local and state laws concerning recreational marijuana in your area, it’s vital to keep in mind that you could still face federal charges if you’re unlucky enough to meet up with a zealous federal prosecutor.Gibson Bail Bonds How Long will Marijuana Stay In Your System

Employers sometimes also screen potential hires for drugs. If you want to work for a company that performs drug screening, you’ll need to know how long the remnants of your last blunt can show up in the test.


How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?

American Addiction Centers says that the length of time that pot shows up in your body depends on such factors as (1) how often you smoke, (2) metabolism, (3) how much THC is in the pot, and (4) how many hydrating liquids you consume.

THC is the short name for the chemical in the cannabis plant that makes smoking pot such a beautiful high. It’s essential to pay attention to THC because drug tests search for THC to determine if you’ve used marijuana in the recent past. 

While the exact amount of time that marijuana stays in your system varies, the following time estimates are helpful estimates.


  • Saliva – between thirty-four and forty-eight hours
  • Urine – Depending on how often you light up, a urine test can reveal the presence pot for between one and twenty-one days
  • Hair – A tester can find THC in your hair for up to ninety days

Lastly, how long does marijuana stay in your system? The answer varies, and you should carefully consider the consequences before you indulge. If your marijuana consumption finds you behind bars, contact us at Gibson Bail Bonds to post your bond so that you can head home.