You drank a few beers with your friends from work, and now it’s time to drive home. Are you wondering how long can alcohol be detected by a breathalyzer so you can decide if you should call for a ride? Here’s how to avoid getting caught driving while under the influence.


DUI In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, like most other states, doesn’t look kindly at people who choose to drive drunk. Everyone knows that drugs and alcohol make it difficult to drive safely, and the consequences of drunk driving are often tragic. As a result, consuming as little as a few beers might put you in danger of arrest.Gibson Bail Bonds How Long Can Alcohol Be Detected By A Breathalyzer

You’re legally under the influence if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08% or higher.  Young drivers possess less experience behind the wheel and can’t legally drink alcohol, so people under the age of twenty-one face DUI charges with a BAC of .02% or more.


How Many Drinks Are Too Many?

Sure, you know that .08% BAC is too high but do you know how many alcoholic beverages will put you over the limit? The number of glasses that you can safely consume depends on things like (1) type of alcohol, (2) size of the drink, (3) gender, and (4) weight. Check out the National  Highway Traffic Safety Administration chart for general guidelines on how many drinks might be too many.

Keep in mind that the DUI penalties in Pennsylvania are more severe if your BAC is .16% or greater. Expect jail time, even if it’s a first offense if you’re caught driving with a high BAC on Pennsylvania roads.


How long can alcohol be detected by a breathalyzer

Whether or not you’ll face drunk driving charges depends on the amount of alcohol in your system. If a police officer thinks that you’re driving under the influence, they’ll ask you to blow into a breathalyzer to test your BAC. How long can alcohol be detected by a breathalyzer?

According to AddictionResource, a breathalyzer can detect the presence of alcohol in your system for as many as twelve hours after your last drink. Your body metabolizes alcohol at approximately .015% per hour. So, the key to whether you are legally impaired most likely rests on how many drinks you had and how long before the test you last drank alcohol.

Lastly, if you’re asking how long can alcohol be detected by a breathalyzer, there is a decent chance that you should arrange for someone sober to drive you home. The penalties for drinking and driving are too severe to chance getting caught while impaired.

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